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Please see the variety of services we have to offer for children below.


Welcome to our world of sensory immersion and imaginative play! Our kids packages are carefully designed to provide a magical and unforgettable experience for your little ones. Choose from a variety of modules that cater to different interests and create lasting memories for children of all ages.


Party packages usually last between 4-5 hours and can be booked in the daytime or evening. Food is not included however external catering can be brought with you. We can recommend some local caterers too if needed.


Each party package is bespoke to your needs. Once you get in touch with your preferred package including all modules and extras we can let you know the exact price.A basic party package starts at £250 all inclusive.


Enchanted Fancy Dress Disco "Dress-Up Divas and Dancing Delights!" Let your kids' creativity run wild with our extensive dressing up box, filled with hundreds of outfits. Our dazzling disco lights will transform the space into a dance wonderland. You can curate the perfect playlist or have a live DJ to keep the party grooving. Dance games add an extra layer of fun, ensuring everyone stays on their feet and having a blast. Extras: Live DJ - From £150

UV Smoke and Bubbles Extravaganza "Glowing, Bubbling, and Rocking Fun!" Watch as your kids step into a world of UV disco lights, smoke machines, and bubbles. They'll be mesmerized by the enchanting atmosphere. Bring their favorite playlist, and our AV show will take their dance party to the next level. With glowsticks and UV face paints, they'll become glowing stars of the night! Extras: UV Face paints and glowsticks - £5 per person

Dreamy Cinema Adventure "Immersive Movies, Unforgettable Memories!" Experience the magic of the silver screen like never before. Our three projector screen surround cinema creates an intimate space for your child and up to 40 friends. Feel like you're in a cosy slumber party with beanbags and duvets, all while enjoying a unique cinema feel. It's a private booking that guarantees a personalised and unforgettable mini cinema experience! Extras: Popcorn £3 per person


Enchanting Interactive Flower Garden "A Whimsical Wonderland of Blooms!" Step into a world of beauty with our projected kids' flower garden. Interactive pads will bring the flowers to life, singing and captivating young hearts. It's the perfect setting for babies and young children to play games and explore the wonders of nature.


Baby Sensory Playland "A Gentle Wonderland for the Tiniest Explorers!" Designed especially for our youngest guests, this package offers soft play toys, a delightful ball pit, ambient colours, and shapes projected on the walls. Gentle soundscapes will create a soothing environment for the little ones. Plus, interactive elements like feedback cams add an exciting touch to their sensory exploration.

Digital Dreams From Virtual Realms to Board Game Realities!" Immerse yourselves in a world of gaming delights. Each wall is a canvas for multiplayer retro video games, offering an extraordinary gaming experience. Alternatively, groups can indulge in a collection of board games, creating friendly competition and bonding moments. The Dream Room's ambient lights and music enhance the gaming journey.

Interactive Storytelling Quest "Be the Hero of Your Own Tale!" Unleash the power of imagination through interactive storytelling. With the help of AI, your child will create captivating universes and characters. Props and fancy dress add a touch of magic to the experience. Participants will co-create their own unique story, which they can take home with them, allowing the adventure to continue beyond the party Extra: Storybook with images and story from group session in digital format £50 Hardback print: £100

Harmonious Music Making Adventure "Band Together and Create Magic!" This module is all about collaboration and music exploration. Kids will have access to multiple sensory instruments to co-create music together. Watch as music samples trigger lights and projections, transforming the room into a mesmerising symphony. Use your voice to control musical instruments, fostering team-building and confidence. Music-making fun for kids of all skill levels! Extras: Get a produced recording of your jam and any finished music you made: £100


Interactive Sensory Games Extravaganza "Thrilling Adventures for All!" Led by our trained facilitators, this curated sensory immersive games package is perfect for parties and diverse groups of kids. Language diversity is celebrated as the focus is on play rather than speech. The games will make full use of surround sounds and visuals, engaging children in thrilling adventures and unforgettable moments.

Karaoke Extravaganza Unleash Your Inner Rockstar!" Sing your heart out and steal the spotlight with our karaoke module. Gather your friends and show off your vocal talents with a vast selection of songs. This karaoke night will be packed with laughter and memorable musical moments.

Choose any combination of these enchanting modules to create the perfect package for your child's special day. Our sensory immersion venue in Glasgow promises an unforgettable experience filled with wonder, joy, and imagination!

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