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Mobile Fun

Please see the variety of services we have to offer for Mobile events below.


DM Mobile Sensory Package - A Whirlwind of Fun Comes to You!

Welcome to our extraordinary world of sensory immersion and nostalgia-inducing fun! Our adult package is designed to bring out the inner child in you while celebrating the best moments of the past. Choose from an array of engaging modules that will transport you to a realm of joy and enchantment!

Moblie packages usually last between 4-5 hours and can be booked in the daytime or evening. Food is not included however external catering can be brought with you. We can recommend some local caterers too if needed.


Each party package is bespoke to your needs. Once you get in touch with your preferred package including all modules and extras we can let you know the exact price. A basic party package starts at £250 all inclusive.

Retro Fancy Dress Disco "Get Groovy and Glamorous!" Relive your favourite era with a retro fancy dress disco. Our dressing up box is filled with iconic outfits from different decades, allowing you to unleash your creativity. Dance under the shimmering disco lights while moving to classic tunes from your chosen era. Choose either a curated playlist or a live DJ to keep you grooving all night long.

UV 90's Rave "Glowing, Dancing, and Vibing Like It's the '90s!" Step into a time machine and travel back to the vibrant '90s rave scene. The UV disco lights will create an electrifying atmosphere, enhanced by smoke machines and dazzling UV bubbles. Your playlist will be packed with '90s hits that will take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Extras: Live DJ from £150

Cinematic Night "Escape Reality, Dive into Movies!" Enjoy a cinematic experience like no other. Our three-projector screen surround cinema will transport you into the heart of your favourite movies. Embrace the cosy ambiance with beanbags and duvets, making it feel like a private movie night with friends. Get ready for a night filled with laughter, tears, and unforgettable moments. Extras: Popcorn £3 per head

Interactive Storytelling Journey "Unlock Your Imagination!" Embark on an immersive storytelling adventure that will awaken the storyteller within you. With the help of AI, co-create enchanting universes and intriguing characters. Dress up in fancy costumes and bring the narratives to life. Participants will leave with their unique stories, carrying the magic of this experience with them.

Karaoke Extravaganza "Unleash Your Inner Rockstar!" Sing your heart out and steal the spotlight with our karaoke module. Gather your friends and show off your vocal talents with a vast selection of songs. Whether you're a seasoned performer or a shower singer, this karaoke night will be packed with laughter and memorable musical moments.


Digital Dreams "From Virtual Realms to Board Game Realities!" Immerse yourself in the world of gaming delights. Enjoy multiplayer retro video games projected on the walls, taking gaming to a whole new level. Alternatively, opt for a selection of classic and modern board games for a social and engaging gaming experience. The Dream Room's ambient lights and music add an extra touch of magic to your gaming journey.

Electronic Music Jam "Compose, Collaborate, and Create Magic!" For the music enthusiasts, our electronic music jam module offers an opportunity to co-create tracks together. Multiple sensory instruments and music samples will inspire your musical prowess. Use your voice to control instruments and let the rhythm flow as you make music together, celebrating creativity and camaraderie. Extras: Get a produced recording of your jam and any finished music you made: £100

Choose your favourite modules or create a custom combination for the ultimate adult sensory immersion experience. Our Glasgow venue promises a night of playfulness, nostalgia, and unforgettable moments that you and your friends will cherish forever!

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