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Space Use


At the Dream Machine, we have two specialist spaces, the Dream Room and Dream Lab. If you have an exciting community or arts-based project and need a room, please get in touch. Commercial hires through the CIC rooms are priced at £25 per hour and sometimes require an additional cleaning fee. For charitable events that support creativity and local or marginalised communities, we consider each case individually and help those who cannot afford the space. Events that would like alcohol (BYOB) will need to pay an additional fee per hour for added security. Events with live music should either attend a sound check a few days in advance or bring a sound engineer on the day. To hire a space commercially, please email us at detailing your name, which space, the hire date, start time, finish time and if you require any specialist equipment, lighting or sound for the hired space. To use the space in a charitable capacity, please email

The Dream Room


The Dream Room is an adaptable multi-sensory venue. By controlling its mood lighting, underfloor heating, surround sound, and immersive projectable walls, we can create a one of a kind space to fit your bespoke needs and purposes.

Host events, classes, rehearsals or even intimate gigs in this unique venue. The heated and padded flooring will keep you and your guests comfortable and warm. We also create bespoke visuals and sound tailored to your needs for an additional fee.  



  • Capacity 25 guests

  • Dimensions 6m x 6m/36m²

  • Heated Floor

  • Custom Lighting

  • Plug and Play Music System 

  • Bespoke Music and Visuals 

  • 4 x Short Throw Panasonic PT-TX410 Projectors 

  • 8 x KRK Rokit 8 Monitor Speakers 

  • 10 x DMX spotlights DMX LED ceiling panel light 

  • 8 x DMX uplighter bars 


  • Yoga Matts for all guests

  • Vocal Mics 

  • Selection of Synths 

  • Midi Controllers 

  • Other AV equipment available by request

The Dream Lab


The Dream Lab space is suitable for classroom-based environments such as workshops, masterclasses and craft sessions. Its versatility means it can also double up as a great music rehearsal space.


  • Capacity: 32 guests

  • Dimensions: 6m x 10m/60m² 

  • Plug and play music system 

  • Central desk space, for round table team working or ‘boiler room’ style DJ sets 


  • Tech: Mac and Windows desktop computers 

  • Vocal Mics Selection of Synths 

  • Selection of Percussion instruments 

  • Midi Controllers 

  • Projectors 

  • Drum Kits (analogue and digital)

  • Other AV equipment available by request

Hire Template



Date or Dates:


Start Times:


Finish Times:


Specialist Set-Up:

To hire a space

please email us at:

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Use Our Spaces!


To use a space, we recommend emailing using the subject "Space Use" and using the format provided in the Hire Template below.

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