Relax, Play, Create.

The Dream Machine was inspired by its founder Mathew Lygate's time living in a healing centre within the Amazon. There he found the power of community holistic healing, traditional medicine, music and sound therapy. Years later, here in Glasgow the Dream Machine uses creative technologies to provide a unique space where anyone can leave their day-to-day reality at the door without traveling halfway around the world. The Dream Machine has many more voyages ahead on and invites you to join.

The Dream Machine is a collective formed from a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) and a Charity. The CIC provides bespoke creative spaces and equipment to artists, educators, musicians and others. We also hold a stock of professional second-hand audio-visual equipment up rental at very reasonable prices. Profits made from the CIC are sent to the charity branch to fund projects concerned with sharing creativity and supporting our community with the various challenges they face.


Here at the Dream Machine, we are committed to creativity in all of its forms. The problems the world faces today are insurmountable without creative innovation to meet the complex challenges our world faces today, be they climate change, poverty or mental health. Supporting all forms of creativity means we work in various fields, including crafts, traditional arts, video, interactive digital arts, and sound production. Still, we are always hoping to broaden our horizons. That’s why we are interested in working with you. Creative people doing interesting things are always welcome here, so send us a message at


Provide Creative Spaces and Equiptment.

At the Dream Machine, we have two spaces to offer. The first is the Dream Room, an adaptable multi-sensory venue with various uses such as hosting audio-visual experiences, practising yoga, video art installations and events like small audio-visual gigs and parties. The second space is the Dream Lab, a perfect space to host educational or creative workshops, have a music rehearsal or host a relaxed boiler room type gig. We also have a large selection of audio-visual equipment that can be rented or bought.

The Dream Room

Dream Room1.png
Dream Room 2.png

The Dream Room is an adaptable multi-sensory venue. By controlling its mood lighting, underfloor heating, surround sound, and immersive projectable walls, we can create a one of a kind space to fit your bespoke needs and purposes.

The Dream Lab

Dream Lab 1.png

The Dream Lab space is suitable for classroom-based environments such as workshops, masterclasses and craft sessions. Its versatility means it can also double up as a great music rehearsal space.

Arts, Design and Music Workshops.

We conduct online and in-person creative workshops that explore a range of creative practices such as AV technology, painting and music production. However, we are always trying to expand what we have to offer. Primarily we support participants to have fun, meet new people and gain new skills. We believe that doing this enriches participants lives in a multitude of ways by providing:

Enjoyment through catharsis or relaxation during creative practice.

Social interaction within workshop activities.

Newfound confidence from the skills gained.


By supporting our participants in these ways, we hope to encourage happier and healthier lifestyles and people.  


Research and Innovation

We consider knowledge to be power here. When it comes to progressing the arts and ourselves, the more we know, the better we can support people. When we work in our community, we conduct research to drive innovation forward within our organisation and the services it provides for addressing critical issues in society. These issues include mental health and wellbeing, loneliness and isolation, education/upskilling, and supporting local creativity.

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