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At The The Dream Machine you will find creativity, technological innovation, and connection. Situated at 257 London Road, Glasgow, we bring together sensory based technology, some of Glasgow's most talented creatives and local diverse communities to support Glasgow's wellbeing. The Dream Machine offers respite from the ordinary and encourages experiences that lead to introspection and connection. Please, join us in co-creating paths of self-discovery, healing, togetherness and growth by unleashing the boundless potential of relaxation, playfulness, and creativity. Our voyage of reflection, growth and connection awaits.

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The Dream Machine is a collective consisting of two parts: a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) and a Charity. The CIC provides various communities, professionals, and individuals with tailored creative spaces and equipment. Any profits generated by the CIC support the Charity, which funds projects to nurture our diverse communities' creativity.

At The Dream Machine, we're passionate about creativity in all its forms. We believe that addressing today's challenges, such as the mental health crisis, climate change, and poverty, requires innovative and creative solutions. We work in various fields to support creativity, including traditional arts and crafts, video production, interactive digital arts, and sound production.


Provide Bespoke Creative Spaces and Equipment.

We have three spaces to offer. The first is the Dream Room, an adaptable multi-sensory environment with various uses such as hosting audio-visual experiences, practising yoga, video art installations and events like small audio-visual gigs and kids parties. The second space is the Dream Lab, the perfect space to host educational or creative workshops, support groups, or break away from your main event for lunch. Our last space is The Venue, a large performance area that has just been renovated and equipped with excellent audio and lighting equipment. We also have a varied selection of audio-visual equipment you can use when booking with us.

The Dream Room

Dream Room1.png
Dream Room 2.png

The Dream Room is an adaptable multi-sensory venue. By controlling its mood lighting, underfloor heating, surround sound, and immersive projectable walls, we can create a one-of-a-kind space to fit your bespoke needs and purposes.

The Dream Lab

Dream Lab 1.png

The Dream Lab space is suitable for learning-based environments such as workshops, masterclasses and craft sessions. Its versatility means it can also double up as wonderful meeting and presentation room.

The Venue


This space is ideal for gigs and larger events. We have a raised stage, lighting rig, full gig sound system and backline. 


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