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Welcome! The Dream Machine is open for bookings between 9 AM - 11 PM. Please use the booking form link below to reserve an event with us. If you do not hear back within three working days please feel free to enquire further with us by emailing:





Map & Room Sizes



This immersive Sensory Room boasts four-sided projectable walls, an eight-speaker surround sound system and comfortable padded and heated floors. As well as this state-of-the-art space, the rental includes our front foyer room with tiered seating and a cloakroom.


Features: Max Capacity Of 40 Guests. Eight-Speaker Surround Sound System. Four Surrounding Projectable Walls. Soft, Padded & Heated Floor. On-Site Venue Manager & Technician. Cushions & Duvets. Inflatable Seats. Ambient Lighting. Tables & Chairs. Tea & Coffee Station. Bring Your Own Bottle. Bring Your Own Food. Layout Options: Yoga Style: Lay down with matts and space to move around a bit. Capacity 20. Sleepover Style: Duvets, pillows and blankets, perfect for movies or cosy performances. Capacity 35. Seated Style: Hardback seats, perfect for meetings or mixed-ability groups. Capacity 30. Standing Style: Perfect for a gig, jam, or performance. Capacity 40. Please note for more intense music we would recommend capping the numbers at 30 (Please also be aware there is a low ceiling in the middle of the space).



This space is our back workshop room with a main central table and padded black benches all around. Perfect for creative learning events and meetings.


Features: Max Capacity Of 40 Guests. On-Site Venue Manager & Technician. Projector and Screen. Stereo Speakers. Central Workspace Table. Tables & Chairs. Tea & Coffee Station. Bring Your Own Bottle. Bring Your Own Food. Layout Options: Round Table Style: Chairs with table space for everyone. Perfect for workshops or classes. Capacity 20. Projector Style: Presentation space with seating for viewers. Capacity 30. Circle Style: One central table, seats surrounding. Perfect for discussions or jams. Capacity 30. Open Style: One central table, minimal chairs, and loads of space. Perfect for dancing, DIY art showings, and flexispace. Capacity 40.



This space is ideal for gigs and larger events. We have a raised stage, lighting rig, full gig sound system and backline. 


Features: Max Capacity Of 150 Guests. On-Site Venue Manager & Technician. Powerful PA System. Stage and Disco lighting Rig. Projector and Screen. Backstage Space. Tables & Chairs. Tea & Coffee Station. Bring Your Own Bottle. Bring Your Own Food. Layout Options: Gig set up: floor space cleared, backline set up, sound engineer provided. Capacity 150. Film Screening: projector on, chairs and benches set up. Capacity 50. Other: the space can be adapted for your needs but please specify what your ideal set-up is.


Dream Room and Lab: On Peak - Weekends and evenings and early mornings. £25 per hour for one space. £35 for all spaces. Off Peak - Weekdays 10am - 4pm £15 per hour for one space. £20 for all spaces. Venue: On Peak - Weekends and Evenings. £40 per hour Off Peak - Weekdays 10am - 4pm. £25 per hour Additional Tech Support: £15 per hour. Additional Security: £15 per hour.


Please refer to our calendar to check our availability. If the specific date and time you prefer is already reserved, reach out to us via email at, as we may have another room available.




At The Dream Machine, we pride ourselves on providing all our guests a unique and immersive experience. Before you book our venue for your event, we kindly ask that you familiarise yourself with our house rules and the terms and conditions listed below.

Our house is your house, so please be respectful but make yourself at home. We are a small independent community interest company in partnership with a charity without external funding. We rely on the love and dedication of our staff and volunteers to survive, so please respect them at all times! Most of all, we hope you have wonderful experiences at the Dream Machine. Thank you for your time!

Payment Terms Deposit of 25% to secure booking. Full payment due one week before events. You are welcome to pay the full fee in the one payment but your booking won’t be secured until the deposit is paid. Any cancellations with less must have at least 72 hours notice will lose their deposits. Please finish your event or booking in time, allowing for packing up and vacating the room by your agreed end time. The Duty Manager will expect the room to be empty at the time you booked, as they may have another booking right after you. Any overtime will be charged to the organiser at a rate of £30 per hour. We have a final call time of 11pm and the building must be fully vacated by 11:30pm.

Tech / Set Up Please do not use anything that you haven't been specifically trained to use. This includes all tech, lighting, plugged-in devices, and furniture. Please ask your appointed Duty Manager for assistance. If you borrow or use any equipment, please return it to its original location and do not take it out of the building. All bookings must send us a full tech spec at least seven days before your event. Please fill in the form using the "booking form" link above. If you don't fill out the relevant sections in this form we cannot guarantee that we will have the tech you need available on the day of your event. We book appropriate staff based on the tech spec we are sent. You may arrive early to set up for an event, but this must be confirmed with the booking manager to confirm when you can arrive, as the room may be booked before your event. If you arrive earlier than the start of your allocated booking time without confirmation we cannot guarantee entry. We cannot guarantee that you can extend your booking if you arrive late. We will call you if you have not arrived by your start time, after half an hour of no show the Duty Manager may leave and your booking will not go ahead.

Media At the Dream Machine, we can show and play your own bespoke visuals and sound. However, to do so you will need to send it to us seven days before your event. This is because some media needs to be adapted to be used on our systems and this can take time. We suggest using WeTransfer to send your media a free (link below). WeTransfer has a limit of 2GB sent for free so if your media is bigger please try share via Google Drive or find a way to compress it without a noticeable effect on quality or you will need to come in with a memory device such as a SSD, Hard Drive or a USB memory stick. Please always check that the media you send is ready and correct before you send it, as we may not be able to alter it on the day of the event. Link:

BYOB Alcohol is only allowed on the premises for pre-authorized BYOB events, which must be agreed upon and signed off by our team (an extra corkage charge will apply). If your ticketed event is BYOB, it is your responsibility to collect £5 per person who is drinking. We recommend you specify that cash payments are preferred, but if this is not possible you can forward the payments to us via bank transfer. You will have 48 hours following your event to send this to us or you will be charged a fee of £60 on top of the corkage charge you owe already. Please find our bank details at the bottom of this section. If taking card payments you will show your tally to our duty manager at the end of the event and they will work out how much you owe us. At the end of your event you will pass the BYOB money to our duty manager who will check the money against your tally. If you are selling advanced tickets we recommend that you add a £5 BYOB charge as an add on option on your online ticket site as this may make things easier on the door. Failure to pass over the money at an event where people are drinking will result in a £60 charge to cover our staffing cost. We will provide cups, water, as well as a paid non-alcoholic bar with snacks. Please note glass bottles are not allowed. Our Bank Details: Dream Machine Productions Account 48140767 Sort Code 52-41-56 Please note no drugs may be taken on site and this will result in an immediate and lifelong ban.

Obligations Be mindful of and responsible for who you invite to your event. Please try not to damage anything, but if an accident happens, please assist our volunteers and staff. If you break it, you unfortunately must pay for it. Some equipment costs thousands of pounds to replace, so if you're unsure about something, please do not touch it. Covering the door and checking tickets is the organisers responsibility. We cannot store your event materials on the premises safely or securely for free. Anything left is at your own risk. Violence towards staff, volunteers, or participants will not be tolerated. Any act of verbal or physical violence will be dealt with seriously, leading to possible cancellation of an event, removal from the building, a lifetime ban, police action, and fines for any damage caused. This includes any hate-based or discriminative performances which will be held accountable to the organiser of the event. All areas are covered by CCTV at all times. Please do not interfere with the cameras, as they are there for everyone's safety. They do not record audio, only video. Teas and coffees are provided for free, but we appreciate any donations to help us restock for the next group. We exist because we believe in the power of community and creativity, so please help us build something beautiful for the benefit of all. This is an inclusive space for everyone and we expect those booking to encourage this within their own events. Communication must be timely with events in terms of paying and sending over requirements. We expect replies within 7 working days. If your event takes place sooner we will call to confirm unresolved issues. If we cannot get hold of you within three attempts we will cancel your booking and retain the deposit to pay for our staffing costs. We want to help you make the most of your time here. We do our best to help our clients and only ask for mutual respect in return. Despite this list of obligations we are a friendly and welcoming venue but we must guarantee everyones safety and positive experience, that is what these obligations ensure.


The Dream Machine are not responsible for the attendance of your event however we want to support you where we can and ensure you get the most out of your time here. We are happy to share any posters or promotional materials you have. We would recommend getting posters made as far enough in advance as possible. Posters should generally include the venue location, ticket price and dates and times. If having a BYOB event it is also useful to advertise this on the poster. Please make it clear when sharing your poster that you, the organiser, are to be contacted about the event and not The Dream Machine directly. Please tag us @dreammachinescot and we will happily reshare your content. Please also feel free to send over any content taken to our Booking Manager Alex after your event and she will share content on our socials. Her email is We would also love it if you could leave a review on our google page or pass on any feedback from your event!


General Manager: Matt Lygate ( Booking Manager: Alex Jackson ( Emergency Contact Numbers In case of immediate emergency, please call one of our duty managers: Dream Machine In House Phone: +447549828493 Gavin Evans: 07729349715 Linda Lygate: 07977479121 Matt Lygate: +34 672 518 097


In the event of a fire, an alarm will sound throughout the building. If you are in a noisy area and can't hear the alarm, look for the red emergency flashing strobe on the ceiling of your space. Please don't mistake it for a disco light. If the alarm goes off, calmly stop all activity and make your way to the nearest exit. The emergency exits will be clearly marked with an emergency light above the door. Do not try to put out the fire with extinguishers unless you are trained to do so. Your only job is to evacuate the building. The assembly point in case of a fire is at the corner of the car park on BAIN ST. If you feel unsafe or there is a security issue, please alert a member of staff. If there is no staff present at the moment, call the Duty Manager. If there is an ongoing crime or act of violence, call the police right away. Please note that all areas are under CCTV at all times. In case of tech issues, such as lighting or projections suddenly failing mid-booking and no staff is immediately present, you can contact Matt via WhatsApp or email, and he will be able to troubleshoot the issue remotely.


Here are some FAQs we often get asked by attendees at The Dream Machine. We thought we would share our answers with you in case your guests ask the same! Do you have parking? We have a carpark around the back of the building as well as street parking nearby. The carpark is a slightly cheaper option and can be paid via app. What are public transport links like? We are a 15 minute walk away from the St Enoch Centre subway station, High Street, Bellgrove and Bridgeton train station. There is also a bus stop right outside the venue which the 18, 64, 263, N18 run from. Is there an alcoholic bar at the venue? We don't have an alcoholic bar here at The Dream Machine and only allow alcohol under a pre agreed BYOB event with the agreed corkage fee paid as detailed above. However we do have asoft drink bar. Guests can also pop over to Morrisons to get any refreshments they might require. Is the venue accessible? The venue is partially accessible with the aid of our staff. Each room is wheelchair accessible for audience members and toilets are accessible. Please get in contact with us if you have any other questions about accessibility. Can I leave my equipment at The Dream Machine? Unfortunately we cannot store any equipment for more than 24 hours, anything left after this time will be removed. Please note The Dream Machine is not responsible or liable for any personal property left on the premises. Have a great time, relax, and enjoy your booking!

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