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At the Dream Machine, we are always looking to add to our team and diversify. If you are interested in being part of our creative organisation, please get in touch and share your skills and/or creative practice. 

Creative Director
"I've been a creative entrepreneur, musician, artist, and events and social project manager for over a decade across Glasgow. Six years ago, I transformed a derelict building in the Barras into a thriving community hub. Today The Dream Machine and The Space are both growing stronger despite the challenges of Covid. With my roots in DJing, the electronic music scene and the third sector community in Glasgow, I am a pioneer in using music, art and creativity in their truest form as social tools for transformation, integration and actualisation."
Creative Director
Creative Director
Volunteer Manager


"My background is within the visual arts, design and research.

I am responsible for project management and our volunteers at the Dream Machine. I hope to use my role to share and nurture creativity in all its forms throughout Glasgow and Scotland."

Bookings Manager

"Coming from a background in acting and performance, I have a passion for the creativity and art that Glasgow has to offer. The Dream Machine encapsulates the meaning of a place to relax, play and create with a feeling of community alongside it"


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